Garden Shed Pottery

Currently, my online store is closed. You may look at some of my work, however, the site is out of date. I do have work available in my studio.

I will have my site updated once my inventory is back up. I hope to have this done by October.

Remember, I always welcome visitors to my studio.

About my Studio

Update: Due to low inventory, my online store is closed. I do have inventory in my studio. You are welcome to stop by or call if you would like. 

All of my ware is handmade in Butte, Montana by me. My utilitarian ware is all made to withstand the rigors of everyday life, considering it is ceramic. It is made tough to endure the microwave and the dishwasher. My studio-made glazes are food-safe. I make every effort to keep my shipping costs down, only charging for the actual shipping and insurance, I have no added fees. Extra care is taken to guarantee all my pieces arrive intact. Please allow a maximum of two business days for shipping.

If you prefer, you are welcome to come to my studio. Please call 1st to make sure we are home. I have a lot that is not posted in my store. And shopping directly at the studio saves on shipping fees.

 Such beautiful craftsmanship of functional art. Every piece is 100% hand made so every piece is one of a kind. Everything is food safe, oven and microwave safe. We have mugs, casserole dishes and a few decorative pieces. My favorite purchase was a full set of dinner plates, tea plates and bowls two years ago. Not only are the beautiful, but durable as well. We use them daily. Even with kids and grandkids using them we haven't lost one to being broken. Judy has lots of finished product on the shelf ready for purchase. 

Jody Dyer
Local Guide
Garden Shed Pottery has some of the nicest quality hand crafted pieces I have ever seen. I have purchased several dishes, bowls, and mugs over the years to give as home warming gift. I have a Blue bowl that holds oranges that sits on my Table, I have gotten SO many complements on the bowl. Thanks Again
Kurry Hoffman
5 Star Real Estate Agent
I have a house full of Garden Shed pottery. And I love not only the beauty of each piece but the quality and functionality. I've cried over broken pieces. And you will love them as much, I'm sure of it.
Kristina Smith
Belgrade, Montana

Why I like to play in the dirt.

Judy Andrews

Ceramic Artist

Thank you for stopping by to look at my store.  I have had no formal training in ceramics. My passion for pottery began a few years ago in Helena at the World Renowned Archie Bray Foundation. While working full time, I took classes at night and volunteered on weekends at the Bray. Five years ago, I moved to Butte Montana, got married, retired, and then two years ago, my husband built a studio for me on our property. Now during the pandemic, and following social distancing, I have pursued my passion and kept myself busy in my studio. I am bursting at the seams!! This website is a means to show my work and give me room to expand my craft and make more pottery. I wish for you to enjoy my work as much as I do to create it for you. All of my utilitarian work is dishwasher, microwave, and food safe. Please Enjoy!


Shop thru my online store or call and come by my studio to see a lot more and save on shipping. Everything looks better up close!

Butteamus Butte Montana

2509 Locust St, Butte Montana 59701

Please call to make sure we are home or in the studio at 406-431-0958

Open to make appointments 11 to 5